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Ottawa Caledonian Pipes and Drums

The Ottawa Caledonian Pipes & Drums (OCal) is a not-for-profit community-based group who advance and promote the rich Celtic traditions and Scottish Highland Culture in the National Capital Region. We provide a friendly family environment, open to anyone interested in learning or playing the bagpipes or drumming.

OCal has a strong corps of professional musicians of all levels from across North America. Its instructors are actively engaged with Air Cadet Squadrons and Cadets Canada as leaders and mentors. We have built a strong reputation in the community and continue to connect musicians of many walks of life.  These collaborations and partnerships are an invaluable resource emphasizing a holistic approach to music education and is unique to our band.

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Ottawa Caledonian Pipes and Drums has an awesome group of pipers, snare drummers and mid-section drummers as well as a fantastic support team. 

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We have a experienced team of Instructors who can tailor themselves to your learning needs. 

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Our esteemed alumni who made us great! 
Social Media


We have many social media platforms. OCal participats in #365DaysOfPipeband on instagram. Come check us out!

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