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Whether it is a wedding, parade, corporate event, or private affair, there is nothing like a Pipe and Drum Band to make it special. We can arrange a single piper, small or full size band depending on your needs. We have experience in events of all sizes and look forward to making sure your event is fantastic.
Highland Dancers can be arranged for an integrated performance.

Prices are negotiated as booking is confirmed and vary on travel time and the size of the band.

Please note:  Booking is not confirmed until you are contacted by the band.

We Offer:

Solo Musicians:

Looking for a Piper or Drummer to enhance your gathering, we can arrange a wide variety of talented soloists:  

IMG_2592 - 8 x 12.jpg

Full Band

A Full Pipe and Drum Band is an impressive sight and enhances any gathering, perfect for large halls and outdoor events.

IMG_0303 - 8 x 12.jpg

Concert & Celidh Performances

Looking for the support of a Pipe and Drum Band during your concert? Ottawa Caledonian has played for Andre Rieu and the Piano Guys in large arenas. We also play at Hogman-eh! and Celidh's, we can support your show as well. 

IMG_1262 - 8 x 12.jpg

Mini Band

A Mini band is 2-3 Pipers, a drummer and a Bass Drum, perfect for small venues  and gatherings.

IMG_9847 - 8 x 12.jpg


Looking for a signature piece to add to your community event? Look no further we participate in a wide variety of community parades.  We can also represent your organization in a community parade.  

IMG_3819 - 8 x 12.jpg
IMG_7872 - 8 x 12.jpg

Looking for Lessons?

We can arrange Bagpipe, Highland Snare and Tenor Drum lessons for all skill levels.

Check out:   

Thanks! Message sent.

Bring some Scottish flair to your event !

Send us a note if you have any questions.

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