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Looking Back

As we waited out the pandemic, we looked back on past events, can't wait to return to performing.

2020 Robbie Burns

In January 2020 the band had the pleasure of performing in the Canadian Parliament Buildings for the Speaker of the House at his annual Robbie Burns Dinner. Watch a few Highlights of a great eveining.

2019 Rewind

2019 Was a great year for the Ottawa Caledonians, parades, competitions, ceilidhs, and more, here is a sample of a year of band life.

2019 Hogman-eh!

The band had a blast performing at the Ottawa Scottish Society's Homan-eh Party, watch a few highlights from the party.

2019 Christmas Parades

OCal had a blast participating in Christmas Parades in Ottawa,  Carlton Place, and Hudson, QC.


Check out some highlights from the Parade in Ottawa.

IMG_3220 - 8 x 12.jpg

The band was super proud to win Best Band in the Ottawa 2019 Parade!

Many thanks for all the support at our 2019 Scotchtoberfest event! Watch a few highlights of the evening.


JGRE0669 - 8 x 12
IMG_9841 - 8 x 12
IMG_2864 - 8 x 12
IMG_0548 - 8 x 12
IMG_2994 - 8 x 12
IMG_3422 - 8 x 12
IMG_9771 - 8 x 12
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