Stay Safe!  

Practices and events are on hold during the pandemic but we are ready for a return once it is safe. Contact us to book future events or to join the band!   

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Launched in 2016, based in Ottawa, Canada, we are a vibrant, growing band that enjoys competing, parading, and playing in our community.       

Looking to add some Scottish Flare to your event?         


Whether you are experienced, learning or a beginner, are you looking to have fun?               

Ottawa Youth Celtic Festival

Looking forward
to seeing you
in 2022!

While the band continues to stay safe during the pandemic here is a look back at some memories of past events......can't wait to return to performing in our community once again.

Looking Back

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Upcoming Events


The Band is busy practicing social distancing!

Wishing everyone in the pipping community well , looking forward to beating the pandemic and getting back out there.. Keep practicing.!

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When the pandemic ends we will return to

practice every Friday 6:30 - 9:30

Practice locations change based on the time of year!


Contact our P/M Robert McCarthy at for

location and time

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Lessons Available!

Group and private lessons for ages 8 and up on the great highland bagpipes, snare and tenor drum.

Check Out 

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